Misfit Lust!



I loved the way you tumbled into orgasm with my mouth around your beautiful cock. It wasn’t the first time, but for me it felt more surrendered. I love the freedom you feel when I touch you. You taste so good.

The love making was so special. I still feel you inside me. I smile when I think of what we discovered and how.

You reinvigorate my passion and love for us both.

Mar 3

Five fifteen am

Abandoned by assigned family, all I have is those whom I choose. I wish he were here now…Friday night, come quickly. The insistent but welcome press of his body into mine shall help me to see love again. I long for an ecstatic release, instead of a rejection.

Mar 2


I want him now, more than ever before. I don’t know why I crave another Friday/Saturday so much. I think it’s because after everything that we’ve shared in our long friendship, I truly feel completely honoured.
I miss his glorious cock, his genuine smile and sweet kisses. Most of all, I long to tell him more about how he ignites a long forgotten spark to nurture myself again. We are equals and now that I am certain we can be together, my love grows deeper. Thank you, my beloved.


There’s a freedom in leaving some memories in the misread past. They no longer hurt you.

There’s another freedom in hanging on to a bond, moving with someone through their complicated life.

Thank you, my companion. Your warmth will always get me through…and your beautiful release deep in my body keeps me grounded.

The Internal Clitoris | Museum of Sex Blog   

This is achingly beautiful and freeing to know.

The Rogue has been found lacking

….deception veiled…in concern.

okcupid, you little beast!

I have learned never to utter the ‘l word’ first. It was a sore lesson to learn. Goodnight, rogue!


Marcelo. Playing with the bookworm. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
By Diego Stickar.



Marcelo. Playing with the bookworm. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

By Diego Stickar.


The Doctor Is In: Sex Work Goes Whovian

Oh my gods!

Jan 6



"What did he say?"



City Kindling Lights Up

The magnificence of your being is blinding. It hurts me that you struggle to see it.
When you first kissed me, years of desire welled up inside me. Instant flooding. My ripe clitoris darkening with fucking lust. Normal need builds over minutes, but that afternoon, in that modest hotel room… I just wanted to get pounding. I felt like you needed release too. You’d been waiting over a decade to see me that way.

It was a beautiful weekend and so much has been revealed since. Thank you for your patience and mostly, thank you for a hunger and respect that I had been waiting for. Let’s see the shapes change and dance, into a kaleidoscope.


My secret love theme.

Dec 3

Shirtless Tom/Adam [x]

Gah! Vampire rocker done right!

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Dec 1


Slowly falling into private ecstasy
I was distracted my your mouth
Breathing gently teasing


I am not sorry that
I thought you needed something


I want to be your
Friend and
I am guilty
Of lust and a tingle of the other word

Onward we go, fine rogue.


David Villegas, Lilith.

Beautiful mother.


David Villegas, Lilith.

Beautiful mother.